About Us

Since 2010, Al Aqmar Enterprises has been in the leather industry with the tanning capacity of 22 leather lots of crust leather which is 60 thousand square feet leather per month. We are the one of the leading Pakistani Leather tannery who produces the premium quality leather to produce to supply locally in Pakistan and export Industrial Leather Gloves & Accessories to U.A.E, Egypt and Africa.

Currently, we are doing the following activities:

Import/Export Wet Blue / Crust / Dye Leather
Raw/Finished Leather Trading for Garment, Gloves, Shoes, Bags and Furniture Industry
Manufacturer/Stockiest and Exporter of Industrial Leather Gloves
Manufacturer/Stockiest and Exporter of Welding Leather Garments & Gloves

Our manufacturing unit is based in Karachi, Pakistan with the international sales office in Dubai, U.A.E.

If you have any inquiry/feedback/quotation request please feel free to contact us on or call us/WhatsApp on +92-333-3116252. We are always happy to answer your query.

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